AW Custom VX7 Metal slide 1J


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AWCustom VX7 mod 1 black Metal slide GBB Gas 6mm 27BBs 1J /C12 DETAILS Metal slide and lightweight, heavy-duty polymer body Textured handle for a better grip Excellent kick for realistic recoil effect Threaded barrel allows for installation of a compensator or silencer AW Custom™ logo molded into the grip Rail on front of the trigger guard for mounting a light or laser Moderate 0.8 joule power, for 280 fps with 0.20 g pellets, Green Gas 130 PSI Swiss Arms and 20° C Brand The VX Series was imagined to satisfy the needs of the most demanding players with GBBs merging performances and lines that are both modern and resolutely aggressive. Inspired by the customs made by today’s most popular gunsmiths, Armorer Works grants us wonderful airsoft guns with well-made slides and frames, micro red dot sight, and even optical fiber sights; everything necessary to make new-gen GBBs. Pack content 1 x VX7 MOD 1 – BLACK 1 x gas magazine

BrandArmorer Works Custom LicenceVX series

Caliber 6mm

Propulsion Gas

Gun weight (in kg)960

Power (in Joules)1

Materials Aluminium Polymère

Gun length (in mm)198

Inner barrel types Inner barrel length (in mm)93

BBs capacity27

Resulting of the close collaboration with AW CUSTOM, we offer you 24 replicas at the best quality/price ratio that will fit your playing style and your customers’ tastes.

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