Barrel Stabilizer for Novritsch Modular V1 Suppressor


Our universal inner barrel stabilizer range is made to be compatible with almost any outer barrel or suppressor on the market.

The size of the stabilizer refers to the range of the inside diameter of the suppressor / outer barrel that it will work with. Here are the IDs of common suppressors and outer barrels: 34mm-37mm

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Suppressor / outer barrel ID
Novritsch Rifle Suppressor
36.3 mm
Novritsch Modular Suppressor V1 32.3 mm
Novritsch Fast Attach Suppressor 33.5 mm
Novritsch Integrated Suppressor 28.0 mm
SSG10 / VSR10 outer barrel 27.2 mm
SSG24 / MOD24 outer barrel 24.3 mm
SSG96 / WELL L96 outer barrel 22.5 mm

If the size of your suppressor / outer barrel is right between the two sizes, both will probably work but:

smaller size will be a light fit but will be easy to put in and out
larger size will be a tight fit and will be harder to remove

The outside shell is made from PA12 Nylon using MJF technology and the inside part is CNC machined aluminum with 2x O-rings.