Bluetooth Timer Target


Improve your shooting skills with our Bluetooth-connected Timer Target. Discover three engaging game modes, track your times, and beat your limits.

The free, in-house-developed app allows you to control the target and choose one of the three different game modes:


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IPSC Test: Upon game activation, a buzzer signals the start; hits are recorded, and results are saved.
Lap Timer: Hits accumulate until the user stops the game. Each recorded hit changes the target’s light color.
Target Practice: Continuous shooting with the target automatically resetting to ready after 5 sec.
A durable and replaceable target popper.
Available on IOS and Android.
A multi-colored LED light indicates the current status (standby, start, hit, etc).
Beeping sounds to notify hits on the target that can be turned off in the app settings.
Adjustable spring tension to accommodate mounting on uneven surfaces and varying gun power levels.
Built-in hibernate function to conserve battery and a red charging indicator.
Two holes in the base allow you to secure the target in place.
40m Bluetooth range.
Dimensions: Height: 22cm, Width: 10cm, Length: 9cm

The Target comes with a USB-C charging cable and a user manual.