Colt M4 Sierra Red 1.2J


Try the new Colt Sierra, a compact M4 with a PDW stock!

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Colt M4 Sierra Red
It’s time to renew the Colt license with the new M4 Sierra!

Part of a brand-new range, this M4 is compact and accurate: ideal for CQB fields.

Available in black, blue, or red, it has a short handguard and a PDW stock that can hold a 7.4 V LiPo battery (ref: 639059/639061/639058).

This AEG has a more reliable internal:

Piston with steel teeth for greater durability

8 mm bearings for smoother cycling

Quick spring change

Electronic board with Mosfet included and magnetic sensor replacing the cut-off lever

And like any decent M4 model, it offers numerous accessory mounting options thanks to its many Picatinny rails.

This replica is delivered with a 300-round hi-cap magazine and a short front grip.


Official Colt markings for added realism;

Available in black, blue and red;

Reinforced internal parts for better performance;

PDW stock with 6 settings for better compactness;

Comes with a short front grip for better grip and stability;

Increased durability, realism, and quality thanks to its aluminum body;

This replica is sold without a battery and a charger.