FN SPR BLACK Bolt 6 mm 30 BBs metal body 1,7 J


Brand Cybergun
License FN Herstal
Color Black
Propulsion Spring
Gun weight (in kg)2923
Power (in Joules)1.7
Speed in FPS (0,20gr)427
Hop-up Adjustable
Firing modes Safe-Single Shot

Scope & Bipod not included.

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In 1889, Belgium adopted the newest Mauser rifle to modernize her army; to produce the 150,000 weapons needed, the Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre was founded. The company is quickly named after the city its factory is set in: FN Herstal.

During the XXth century, the FNH was famous for its collaboration with American engineer John Moses Browning, and the work of Belgian engineer Dieudonné Saive, both of them being responsible for making some of the most iconic firearms of History.

For 130 years, the Herstal Group watchwords have been innovative, excellent, and expert craftsmanship, to design, develop, and produce a whole range of state-of-the-art pioneering weapons, which are being used for defense, security, and civilian purposes.