This is an adapter that allows M4 AEG magazines to be used on the SSG24 / MOD24 rifle. It works just like a regular SSG24 magazine – insert it in and your SSG24 now takes M4 magazines! Compatible only with the original stock.

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Use any M4 magazine
We designed the adapter with adjustable mag-well length This means that you can make any M4 magazine fit perfectly to the millimeter without any wobble or misfeeding whatsoever. It also has a tensioning mechanism at the back that allows to removal of any wobble caused by differences in manufacturing between rifle batches.

Not all M4 magazines can feed heavy-weight BBs reliably. We suggest using mid-cap magazines with extra strong feed springs, like EPM1 & EPM1S to avoid any feeding issues.

Doubles as angled grip
While we initially thought that the M4 magazines (even the short ones) would be a problem due to the size, we quickly realized that shaping the adapter as an angled grip makes it super comfortable to handle the gun. It’s a godsend for aggressive/urban snipers.

BB retention mechanism
Due to the design, there’s a feed path of around 10 BBs between the M4 magazine and the hop-up chamber. No one wants to lose that many BBs during a reload, so we designed a BB retention mechanism that holds the majority of the BBs during a reload (you may still lose 1-2 BBs during a reload).

PA12 Nylon & Aluminum
The main body is made out of PA12 Nylon using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology while smaller components are CNC machined aluminum. This makes the parts virtually indestructible with an amazing matte black surface finish. This adapter will take a beating and last you for a long time.