Novritsch Hydration Bladder V1


Stay hydrated on the field with the 1L Hydration Bladder that fits perfectly in the Hydration Pack attached to the Plate Carrier.

This bladder has a glass-like film technology that makes the interior smoother than standard bladders and that prevents the build-up of a biofilm. The taste-free antimicrobial protection allows the water to stay pure with no plastic after-taste even after long periods of time. And the weave tube cover also protects the drinking tube from UV lights which keeps it insulated.

The wide-slide opening allows for generous access to the bladder which makes it easy to fill it up with water or ice, drain it and clean it. Thanks to the airtight seal of the opening and the integrated shut-off mechanism of the valve, the bladder is leak-proof.

1 Liter capacity
Glass-like technology on the interior of the bladder
Taste-free technology that prevents the plastic after-taste
Weave tube cover to prevent bacteria growth
94cm long drinking tube
Dirt shield valve cover
Wide-slide opening for easy filling, draining, and cleaning
Dimensions: 18 × 1 × 20cm

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