Novritsch Integrated Suppressor S


This suppressor comes with a smaller diameter than your standard suppressor which allows it to be integrated under most M4 handguards, including the SSR4.

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Combined with the Short Outer Barrel you can transform your SSR4 into a shorter suppressed rifle and give it a unique look.

Meant for close-quarter environments this suppressor was made extra sturdy.

Thread: 14CCW
Weight: 130g
Dimensions: Outer diameter: 33.2mm / Length: 125mm

The bottom cap is locked tightly with screw glue therefore we highly advise against unscrewing it.

To comply with local laws we will send the hollow suppressor and the second one with the foam discs to some countries. You need to check your local law if it’s allowed to install the foam discs into the tube. We will also send you an installation guide.

14CCW Thread