Novritsch Slim Tracer Unit



The SSX23 can still be holstered.

Features (Short and Normal):
The short version illuminates up to 20,000 rounds and the normal up to 30,000 rounds
Short version – integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a charging time of 2.5 hours
Standard version – an integrated rechargeable Li-Poly battery with a charging time of 2 hours
Supports both green luminous BBs and gel BBs, perfect for night games
Standard: 28 x 100mm, weight: 60g
Short: 28 x 57 mm, weight: 32g
The short tracer is the only SSP1-compatible tracer as longer regular tracers will cause malfunctions.

This tracer unit is only compatible with the Open Universal Holster.

Gun Compatibility
The SSE18 System
The SSP1 System
The SSP18 System
The SSP2 system
The SSP5 System
The SSQ22 System
The SSR4 System
The SSR63 System
The SSR90 System
The SSX23 System
The SSX303 System

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Lightweight tracer unit with an integrated rechargeable battery.