Novritsch SSP2 – Ambi. Red Dot Plate


This CNC-machined aluminum red dot plate will allow you to mount the Red Dot Micro V2 to your SSP2.

It can be mounted on both sides of the SSP2 for both right-handed & left-handed users & its elevated position keeps it from being affected by the blowback mechanism of the pistol. As long as you can control the recoil, the red dot won’t budge.

The mount was designed for the Red Dot Micro V2 but will also work with the Red Dot Micro V3, although not being as aesthetically pleasing.

Comes with 5x screws. 3x short screws to mount the plate to the frame and 2x long screws to mount the red dot to the mount. Mixing the screws will result in the slide not functioning properly.

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