Novritsch SSP2 GBB Airsoft Pistol


A sharp, hard-kicking pistol that puts you in charge of the game. Modern features and visuals included!

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FEATURES Modern design with upgraded internals Fixed barrel with a semi-split slide for better accuracy Hard & snappy kick Accurate with **Maple Leaf silicone bucking** and a TDC Hop-Up Crisp pull on the **flat trigger** Recommended 0.32 g BBs out of the box (but can hop BBs up to 0.46 g) Recommended BBs: 0.32g (but can hop BBs up to 0.46g) Capacity: 31BBs/ magazine Power: ~1 Joule with gas recommendations below Length: 21.5cm Weight without mag: 586g The SSP2 should not be used with CO2 magazine above 15°C