Novritsch SSX23 Gas Inlet Valve


Sparepart for the NOVRITSCH SSX23 (or SSX303) magazines.

If your magazine is leaking you should first find out where it is leaking. To do that, fill it with gas and put it into a water container. If the bubbles don’t come out at the Fill Valve but from the sides of the magazine base – you should get the SSX23 Magazine Metal Body spare part.
If your magazine is leaking at this fill valve, we recommend first taking it out with the Valve Tool, cleaning it, lubing it, and installing it again. If it still leaks, tighten it even more.
All of this didn’t help? Get this spare part and replace it on your SSX23 magazine.

Do not overtighten the inlet valve when installing. Doing so may result in the part breaking.

Compatible with magazines from KJW, STTI, ASG, Y&P, Matrix non-blowback pistols

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