Open Blaster Tracer, 0.28g, airsoft BB, 3300 pcs. bottle – green


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Open BLASTER Tracer BBs for that extra touch of realism when playing at night. The tracer BBs need to be ‘charged’ with light so they remain

Paired with a tracer unit mounted to your weapon of choice, these green tracers add the thrill of boosting hit conformation during play outside in the dark or in low-light CQB arenas, improving play immeasurably. They really get the adrenaline pumping when you see them in action, too.

These Bio BBs* contain PLA, a thermoplastic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, or sugarcane. PLA biodegrades in the presence of primarily moisture and oxygen.

ASG makes the highest quality airsoft BBs, with Open Blaster BBs only varying between 5.96 mm and 5.98 mm in dimension, making them extremely consistent in size. As well as this, all ASG Blaster BBs have a special coating for improved smoothness/lubrication – so the loss of compression while shooting is minimal.

*What does ‘Bio BB’ mean?


Colour: Green
Bio BBs
0.28g weight
3300 tracers BBs per bottle