Pistol Stand


A stylish gun accommodates most of the Novritsch pistols and other pistols with double-stack magazine types (eg HiCapa & Glock magazines).

The clip-on Novritsch logo is optional and reversible on the stand allowing the logo to be visible no matter the orientation of the stand on a shelf.

As an extra, you can Download 3D Print Files of Novritsch gun logos and after printing, you can proudly display them on your pistol stand.

The stand’s angle can be adjusted by loosening the hex screw and adjusting to your preferred setting.

Assembly screws must not be over-tightened. Tighten the hex key with two fingers only or you might risk striping some of the plastic.

The SSX303 can become front-heavy with accessories and can lean forward on the stand if so. Handle the stand with care to avoid scratches and cracks.

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Gun Compatibility
The SSX23 System
The SSP1 System
The SSP5 System
The SSP18 System
The SSP2 System
The SSX303 System