QD Assault Sling – Black


A strong and easy-to-adjust sling for carrying your rifle. It allows you to get your hands free to draw your secondary when you need it.

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A proper sling for your rifle is just as important as a holster for your pistol. Please don’t skip it.

There is no clear standard for QD mount size. We test everything you can find on our website, but if you want to use the sling with other products, there is no way to ensure it will work.

This rifle sling can be used as a 1-point sling for CQB and fast-paced games or as a 2-point sling for longer milsims when you need to carry your rifle for a long time. You will appreciate both when you need them. With the QD attachment system, it’s a matter of seconds to convert from one to another style or switch it completely to another rifle.

The sling is made of a thick sturdy nylon strap with a metal buckle and QD. Which gives assurance of easy carry without your rifle sliding.