Schmeisser MP44 AEG


Battery & Charger is included with the replica.
Go 80 years back and discover this new MP44 under the Schmeisser license!

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Schmeisser MP44 AEG /C4
Discover our new MP44.

Experience a part of history with this replica! Under the Schmeisser license, it has excellent finishes with its metal body and real wood stock. Like the original weapon, it even has a place for a vial of grease in the stock.

Like all AEG systems, it requires very little maintenance and allows you to play all year round.

The MP44’s features will please all re-enactors and airsofters.

Learn more about the AEG MP44, the first assault rifle in history!

Its wooden stock is identical to the real MP44 ;
The grip of the handle eases the control of the replica ;
The body and intern parts are made of metal for greater solidity;
The materials used in the manufacture of the replica are faithful to the original weapon;
Its system is simple and requires almost no maintenance;
The adjustable hop-up system allows you to optimize your range of fire;
It has two firing modes: semi and full-automatic;
It offers the possibility of adding a sling thanks to the rings provided for this purpose;
The MP44 is delivered in a box with the Schmeisser International colors.


Thomas Hoff and Andreas Schumacher, two very experienced firearms traders, created Schmeisser GmbH in 2009. One of their first successful projects was the creation of a type AR-15 rifle for civilian use and an automatic M16 rifle intended for police and military forces around the world.

Schmeisser is particularly recognized for its R&D branch, whose flexibility allows the company to quickly adapt its solutions to the demand of its main clients. The commercial success of this firm is particularly visible through its recognition within NATO and the German army as one of four light weapons manufacturers with whom business is authorized.

Pack content
1 x Schmeisser MP44 AEG

1 x 450 BBs high capacity magazine

1 x User’s manual

1 x 8,4 v Ni-Mh battery

1 x Ni-Mh Battery Charger

1 x Sling

1 x Unjamming Rod

Power (in Joules)1.5
Speed in FPS (0,20gr)400
Hop-upHop-up réglable
Firing modesFull auto, Sécurité, Semi-auto
MaterialsMétal, Bois
Gun lenght (in mm)950
Inner barrel type
Inner barrel bore (in mm)6.08
Inner barrel length (in mm)450
Thread14mm CCW
BBs capacity450
Motor axisAxe long
Gerbox typeGearbox V2