SSR4 Screw and Spring Set


Small parts can get lost, that’s why we offer you spare screws and springs in a set for the SSR4 just in case.

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1. 9x Gearbox Screws
2. 2x Motor Grip Screws
3. 1x Buffer Tube Screw
4. 1x Front Pin Screw
5. 3x Plastic Handguard Screws
6. 3x Plastic Handguard Nuts
7. 2x Metal Handguard Screws
8. 1x Pinion Gear Grub Screw
9. 1x Charging Handle Screw
10. 1x Magazine Catch Screw
11. 1x Charging handle Spring
12. 1x Trigger Spring
13. 1x Anti-Reversal Latch Spring
14. 1x Safety Latch Spring
15. 1x Magazine Catch Spring
16. 1x Motor Spring
17. 1x Dust Cover Spring
18. 1x HopUp Chamber Spring
19. 1x Tappet Plate Spring