THOMPSON Military AEG 2x Straight magazines 47BBs


Thompson M1A1 AEG, Battery & Charger is included with the replica, with x2 metal magazines.

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THOMPSON Military AEG 2x Straight magazines 47BBs 0.9J /C2
This replica is partially made out of metal and plastic, adding to its durability. It shoots 6mm pellets at a force of 0.9J. This replica comes with two high capacity magazines, which can hold up to 380 pellets.
Delivered with a 8.4V NiMH battery and its charger.


Anyone with basic weapons’ knowledge can immediately recognize the Thompson submachine gun, one of the most well-known models of the 20th century. The gun was at first a symbol of crime, as it was particularly favored by American mafias in the 1920s, a notable highlight of this time being the Valentine’s day massacre of 1929. The gun’s tarnished reputation was corrected by its massive use by American GIs in World War 2, as many recall it as the best weapon used during the conflict, particularly for its high rate of fire and the size of its magazine.

Pack content
1 x Thompson M1A1 Military AEG
2 x 380 BBs magazine
1 x Breakout Rod
1 x NiMH Battery 8.4V 1100 mAh
1 x Battery charger
1 x 1 point strap
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AirGun compatible-
AirSoft compatibleX
CoulorNoir, wood
Gun weight (in kg)3200
Power (in Joules)0.9
Speed in FPS (0,20gr)328
Hop-upHop-up réglable
Firing modesFull auto, Sécurité, Semi auto
MaterialsABS, Métal
Gun lenght (in mm)805
Inner barrel typeAEG
Inner barrel bore (in mm)6.08
ThreadSans filetage
BBs capacity380
Battery connectorTamiya mini
Battery technologyNiMH
Voltage (in Volt)8.4
Battery capacity (in mAh)1100
Cable typeArrière
Gear ratio18:1
Motor axisAxe long
Gerbox typeGearbox V6