Ultimate M125 Upgrade spring – Orange


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ActionSportGames Ultimate Upgrade Springs are manufactured from military-grade steel for the best performance possible. Using SiCr-grade steel allows Ultimate Springs to offer maximum power and consistency with every shot. Tightly coiled and ground spring ends and progressive coiling ensure that the Ultimate Spring remains correctly aligned and consistently compressed and released in your AEG regardless of the rate of fire – every time your AEG cycles. Each Ultimate Spring has been rigorously tested and pre-compressed, minimizing power loss from initial compression found in competing brands. Each ASG Ultimate Spring has a convenient color-coded end so that you can see at a glance what power level you have selected. Available in M95 (blue) , M105 (green) , M115 (yellow), M125 (orange), and M135 (red)


Military specification spring steel – SiCr – the best possible steel for springs
Progressive coiling – Providing a soft start which eases stress on both mechanical and electrical parts
Closed and ground ends – Stable straight ends minimize side bending and improve performance
Pre-compressed – Greatly reduces power loss from initial shrinkage Black zinc plating – Corrosion protection which does not impair spring performance
Color coding for easy indication of individual spring grade