ULTRAIR High Power Propellent Gas, 570 ml



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‘A high-power GBB fuel that’s ideal for winter conditions’

This 178 psi* Ultrair Airsoft Power Gas is a high-performance red gas propellant, formulated to help keep equipment stress to a minimum at recommended temperatures, while also maintaining your gun’s performance as well as your competitive edge during matches in the winter.

Tested at a base temperature of 25° C, this is shown prominently on the front of the bottle, so you can see a glance, what you’re getting.

Use of this gas in a plastic-slide pistol is not recommended as the pressure at room temperature is higher than what they are designed for. To help you make a more informed decision on the type of power gas needed for your gun, this product has also been tested at 5° C, 10° C, 15° C, 20° C, and 30° C, as highlighted by the handy temperature-pressure range table on the reverse of the bottle.

Remember to use your gear responsibly and consider the individual limits of your guns/mags.

Want a reliable, high-power gas that doesn’t push your rifle or sniper rifle too far, in recommended temperatures, yet can still give you the performance as you push for victory in the winter? Then choose the Ultrair Airsoft Red Power Gas 178 psi*.

*Tested at 25° C/77° F


570ml bottle
178 psi* high-power gas
Recommended for use in winter
Durable metal nozzle