ULTRAIR Power Propellent Gas with Silicone, 570 ml


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‘Our popular Ultrair green gas, now with gun-lubricating silicone’

Part of ASG’s new Ultrair Power Gas range, it’s the same great-performing green gas you’ve come to love, but now with added silicone – so with every shot, your gun’s getting the lubrication it needs.

With an expected 135 psi*, this green gas propellant is formulated for play in spring, summer, and early autumn, and is recommended for all gas blowback pistols and rifles.

Like all our new Power Gas, this product has been tested at a target temperature of 25° C/77° F and we’ve put the test temperature clearly on the front of the bottle as well.

Also tested at 5° C, 10° C, 15°C, 20° C, and 30°, you can find the results on the back of the bottle in a handy temperature-pressure table. This helps you choose the right gas for your skirmish session, based on the time of year and the type of gun and magazine you’re running.

When you want an all-round green gas for all-year play (particularly spring, summer, and early autumn) – then ASG’s Ultrair Airsoft Power Gas 135 psi is a must-have for the GBBs in your loadout.

*Tested at 25° C/77° F



570ml bottle
135 psi*
Consistent, all-year gas (particularly spring, summer, and early autumn)
Includes silicone for internal lubrication
Durable metal nozzle