ULTRAIR Power Propellent Gas without silicone, 570 ml


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Our ULTRAIR Power Gas is a high-end gas propellent that provides reliable performance within a wide range of temperatures. This green gas has been formulated for play within spring summer and early autumn, with 135 PSI. It is suitable for all gas-powered rifles and pistols. Furthermore, its comfortable energy output makes it a great choice for CQB and woodland alike. It also features a durable metal nozzle to provide a secure injection of gas into your airsoft kit.

The ULTRAIR PLAYERS’ CHOICE is a fan-favorite green gas for its smooth delivery and top-quality performance.

Contains: 570 ml.


570ml bottle
Consistent, all-year gas (particularly spring, summer and early autumn)
Durable metal nozzle
135 PSI
Does not include Silicone