Barra 1866


Please note: Shells are not included in the box.

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From a renowned brand, a CO2 powered, replica of an iconic firearm. The Barra 1866 delivers the classic western repeater. Barra has also enhanced their original design of lever action rifles, making a repeater that is smoother, crispier, and snappier. Guaranteed to delight any fan. The 1866 is crafted from high-strength metal with a synthetic wooden texture and look. The buttstock is powder coated in a smooth black finish, creating a comfortable feel when shouldering the rifle. The CO2 cartridge is inserted into the butt stock as well. This CO2 version of the 1866 only loads pellets, not BBs. The pellets are put into shells that the user loads into the side of the rifle and they eject just like the real thing!

• Flip up rear sight
• Removable Picatinny rail
• Authentic lever action

Barrel Length:477mm/18.78inch
Mag. Capacity:10 Rounds
Standard mag:18961
Hop-up type: Fixed
Energy:6.1 joule