SSQ22 Gas Blowback Rifle – 1.4-1.8 Joules


The NOVRITSCH GBBR that we have all been waiting for. Maneuverable, lightweight rifle following a proven design with upgraded internals and modernized furniture.

Infuse realism into your game!


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SSQ22 Features
Realistic operation and a nice kickback with each shot.
Full-steel trigger assembly and instant trigger response.
Durable steel trigger internals.
Modern design with multiple MLOK mounting options.
An extended top Picatinny rail for different aiming devices.
Semi-only rifle.
Accurate & consistent thanks to a better performing Maple Leaf silicone bucking.
Tool-less TDC Hop-Up Adjustment.
Take it out of the box and enjoy it right away.
Extensive video library with courses and guides.
In-depth Start Airsoft Course.
Designed by passionate Airsofters in Vienna, Austria.
Vienna-based Tech support team.
Capacity: 36 BBs

Length: 830mm Weight: 1.8 kg without the magazine


C° Gas 0.8-1J 1.1-1.4J 1.4-1.8J
<20C° Black Gas 0.28g 0.36g 0.4g
20-25C° Red Gas 0.28g 0.36g 0.4g
25-30C° Green Gas 0.28g 0.36g 0.4g
>30C° Blue Gas 0.28g 0.36g 0.4g