CANIK TP 9 elite combat Dual tone 6mm


Here is one of the biggest news of the year! The CANiK TP9 Elite Combat is now available.


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Historically, the CANiK TP9 is a Turkish handgun developed to be simple, versatile, and effective!

CANiK is a company founded in 1997 that specializes in the manufacture of handguns. It is known for the quality of its weapons and its range of TP. Today it is an extremely competitive company in the arms and shooting sports markets.


Here is a license that the airsoft world will remember for sure! Cybergun introduced the CANiK license to the airsoft market with the CANiK TP9 Elite Combat replica, developed in close collaboration between the brand and our R&D department. Official markings, dimensions, weight, everything is faithful and aims to offer you a total immersion during your games.

14mm counterclockwise threading, mag well, red dot slot, cocking indicator, and flat trigger with safety: everything has been made to create the “Replica of the year”!


Find all these features :

A functional cocking indicator

A Red dot slot

A 14mm CCW external barrel under Silent Arms Industries license

A flat trigger tail for more responsiveness

Aluminum mag well to make the replica easier to load

A full metal gas magazine containing 22 BBs

A blowback system with a functional bolt catch for more feelings

A fully ambidextrous replica for more versatility

Made of metal and nylon fiber for more realism


CANIK started as a successful aerospace defense Turkish company, known for its collaboration with Lockheed Martin, Airbus as well as Boeing.

In 2009, the company moved forward and began producing handguns. It quickly became one of the best manufacturers on the market, collaborating with Century Arms to hit the US in 2012.

Today, CANIK has a great reputation, and as proof of it, its TP9SFL was awarded by the respected media Ballistic Magazine (Versatile/Value category), besides being the Turkish police force’s new handgun.

Pack content
1 x CANiK TP9 Elite Combat

1 x User manual

1 x 22 BBs Gas Magazine