Karabiner 98K Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle


Snow Wolf

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Designed and manufactured by Snow Wolf – a well-known manufacturer in the airsoft community. The Karabiner 98K is a high-quality full metal replica of a classical bolt-action rifle.
Kar98K was the final evolution of the Gewehr 98 rifle developed by Paul Mauser in the German Empire in 1895. Devised from the experiences gained from the Great War, where 1250mm long G98 was poorly suited for close-quarter fighting and adoption of the new “s.S. Patrone” cartridge. K98K is a shorter barrel model with redesigned sights and a few minor improvements. It was recognized as a simple yet highly effective weapon and was widely used during World War 2 and further conflicts. Now it is often used as a hunting and sporting gun, with war-era models as highly sought collector’s items.
This 1100mm long replica is fed from a removable magazine holding 24rds. It weighs around 2900g and shoots in a classical single shot mode with a typical motion for rotating bolt designs.
The replica is primarily made from high-quality metal alloys, steel, and polymers. The barrel, bolt, receiver, and sights are machined of metal, with a trigger guard, trigger, pins, and a few minor elements made of steel. The furniture – forend and stock combo are made from polymer.
Thanks to quality materials and high performance, the Karabiner 98K is an ideal choice for players looking for a replica for airsoft and historical re-enactment events.

Hop-Up: Adjustable
Shooting Mode: Single shot (reload after every shot)
Magazine capacity: 24 rds
Length: 1100 mm
Inner barrel length: 550 mm
Thread: No Thread
Caliber: 6mm
Weight: 2.9 kg
Shipping weight: 3.7 kg