Novritsch SSR4 Full Metal version. 1.5Joules


The SSR4 combines everything you’ll need from the very beginning of your airsoft journey until the advanced stages. It is the universal tool for whatever airsoft throws at you! Woodland or CQB, you can easily shine in all those situations thanks to durable, high-performance internals and modular externals.

Battery & Charger is not included with the replica.

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ONE RIFLE – ONE JOURNEY! The SSR4 was designed to be the first and last rifle you’ll ever need. We went beyond a typical entry-level gun, combining utilitarian design language with parts focused on consistent performance over a long time period. Long story short, this airsoft gun will be there for you for a very long time! MADE FOR EVERYONE, PERFECTED BY PROS The SSR4 is designed to be super-easy to use. This is the only out-of-the-box solution you’ll need. Plug in a battery, load it with BBs and pull the trigger. No advanced teching or maintenance is needed. Just focus on the fun part! Period. AIRSOFTER’S HEAD START! If you’re starting out, this rifle is just perfect! To give you a unique advantage, we created an extensive video academy not only for using the SSR4 but also for starting out airsoft in general. From convincing yourself and your friends, through finding fields and a community, to advanced airsoft setups and our own tips & tricks. Nothing shall stop you! FEATURES LIGHTWEIGHT OR REALISTIC? Both of the rifles have the exact same, high-quality internals. The metal version is precisely manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum for a realistic firearm feel. The polymer version utilizes state-of-the-art polymer technology. High-density material reinforced with fiber will feel premium in your hand while being shock resistant to withstand your rough play style. FIREPOWER We made sure that every SSR4 user possesses firepower worth reckoning. To achieve this, we have put together a unique mix of high fire rate parts combined with a precision inner barrel and a rotary Hop-Up unit. You can bet that this rifle will boost your airsoft experience! PRO TRIGGER UNIT Generally exclusive to techs who have the skills and money to install an aftermarket ETU. Now already preinstalled. ACCURACY We don’t consider accuracy to be a feature but even today, it’s not a matter of course in airsoft so here we go: the SSR4 is accurate. MODULAR PLATFORM With the SSR4 you get all the options, allowing for all sorts of accessorized builds. Go simple with just a Red Dot and a grip or go full tacticool with suppressors, flashlights, grips, lasers, different magazines or sighting devices. The sky is the limit. QUICK SPRING EXCHANGE Is your SSR4 way too ‘hot’ for a CQB field? Do you need more power for a woodland area? Just quickly swap the spring on the go. An Allan key comes with the gun! Just make sure to disable pre-cocking by shooting the last few rounds on full auto before you change the spring. ERGONOMICS FIRST We focused on improving ergonomics. Besides a modern-looking beavertail Pistol Grip, we added a slick handguard. With the M-LOK system, you can add attachments wherever you like while not interfering with your grip. WHAT’S IN THE BOX? The SSR4 ‣ SSR4 Magazine ‣ SSR4 Manual ‣ Cleaning Rod ‣ Allen Key ‣ Cardboard Transport Box OUR DEV TEAM Every part of the system has been carefully chosen by senior technicians with decades of experience in building custom AEGs. We understand that it is not about one part that magically turns your AEG into a beast. It is about the whole system and how the parts work together, from the battery to the barrel. The SSR4 is fine-tuned for the highest performance with an 11.1V battery while being reliable in the long run. FEATURES & TECH INNOVATIVE COMPRESSION ASSEMBLY To ensure optimal airflow, we opted for CNC parts. The piston is equipped with ported CNC machined aluminium head. The cylinder head is also made of CNC aluminum with a beefy rubber dampening pad with a custom design that makes the system quieter, gives a longer lifetime to the gearbox shell, and correct angle of engagement (AoE). The cuts in the rubber pad give it optimal airflow. SPEED To support the high fire rate the ETU is built to withstand, we added fast 16:1 CNC Gears, as well as a High-Torque motor with super strong neodymium magnets. This ensures smooth and fast action all the way. TRICKS FOR LONGEVITY We needed the SSR4 to be, above all, reliable. To make it happen, we used a few tricks. First and foremost, the SSR4 is fitted with 8 mm bushings. Compared to bearings, they are sturdier and more reliable. Moreover, they offer supreme durability and low friction. On top of that, we used steel for parts that tend to undergo a good deal of stress and wear. For that reason, you get a steel spring guide, steel cylinder, and steel teeth on the piston. T-DEAN & LIPO READY We are living in the 21st century. With the ETU, our gun is fully LiPo battery compatible. It also comes with the T-Dean battery connector preinstalled. They feature less resistance and more durability. FULL SUPPORT Starting out with airsoft? To make it as easy as possible for you, we created an extensive video academy not only for using the SSR4 but also for starting out airsoft in general. From finding fields, friends, and getting into the hobby to advanced airsoft stuff. Check it out!